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Why Prepo?

We performed a comprehensive market research and came up with a tailored solution for industry’s unique needs and challenges.
The platform itself has proved to be very stable and low-maintenance from a technical point of view; and as it is so easy and intuitive to use, you also do not have to spend time educating users on how to go about using the tool. Maximize the time spent learning new skills, NOT learning how to use our platform. Most importantly open in nature, we believe in giving options to the customer. That means we can fully customize this application to suit your organization’s unique needs, integrate it with other existing systems, customize its interface, and add new functionality through its modular architecture.

Flexible & customizable
Cost effective as no per-user license fees
Support for all types of learning assets
Rich functionality including blogs, forums, polls, quizzes
Ease of deployment of learning across widely dispersed learners
Blended Learning
Easy Tracking & Reporting
Scalable and reliable
Extended enterprise

About Prepo

We believe that technology can make learning so much better and we are working hard to prove it.
We are focussed on making it easy for educators to create engaging learning experiences and deliver outcome based education.
Educators on our platform span across K-12, online academies, corporate training, creative arts, test prep, special needs and non profit organizations.

You can learn anything, find the right teacher or tool
Just Believe It.

- Prepo -

  • Shankar Mahadevan

    Founder, Shankar Mahadevan Academy

    I always wanted to make learning of all styles of Indian music easy, accessible, and exciting to people worldwide.
    prepolms made Shankar Mahadevan Academy a reality.
    prepolms's platform gave us the power and speed to setup and scale our operatios rapidly.
    We can try out new ideas and innovate continuously using this platform.
    Our growing community of 9000+ students spread across 40+ countries are very appreciative about the learning experience we could deliver.

  • Shanti Raghavan

    Founder at EnAble India(NGO)

    EnAble India trains and counsels persons with disability and prepares them to join the mainstream workforce. prepolms's platform helped us to organize, personalize and track our training programs better.
    We found this platform best suited for our needs, quality and value for money.

  • Diwakar Menon

    Founder, Last Mile Consultants

    At Last Mile, we are focused on domain led Quality Assurance, Testing consulting and Learning services.
    We run training programs for large corporates on prepolms platform. prepolms's powerful assessment tools provides the necessary edge to for our programs.
    The wealth of data we can collect makes it easier to build ROI use cases for our customers.